Hla Hla Win MC/MPA 2016 is on a mission to educate people in the most difficult-to-reach places

2021 May 22

by HKS

HLA HLA WIN MC/MPA 2016 isn’t a morning person. So when the phone rang at 6:30 am on February 1, she groggily knew that something wasn’t right.

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Silicon Valley Technology comes to Myanmar

2020 Mar 13


Ma Hla Hla Win is now the chief executive of 360ed, a social enterprise that helps achieve better education results for students in Myanmar, with the aid of Augmented Reality (AR) and Visual Reality (VR) technology. The Technology is called “Dat Thin Pone” (the digital tablet), and offers a platform from which students can learn science, math and languages via interactive app and flashcards.

Myanmar-based AR EdTech Startup 360ed Wins Prestigious Nikkei Asian Review Award for Excellence

2020 Jan 7

by Derek Tan

360ed, a Myanmar-based edtech social enterprise startup with a focus on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, was selected by Nikkei Asian Review as the winner of its distinguished Nikkei Asian Review Award for Excellence for the year 2020.

Singularity University and the Learning Global Grand Challenge

2019 Sep 26

Over the last century, the world has made great strides in improving access to education for children. The most significant challenges today for children include improving the quality of the education that currently exists and reaching the last groups of children who are still not in school. According to the United Nations SDGs, more than 91 percent of the world’s children now attend primary school, leaving 57 million children out of school.

A New Proposal: Measuring Social Impact in an Exponential World

2019 Mar 4

by SU blog

When Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil founded Singularity University, they did so on the radical notion that exponential technologies could play a fundamental role in solving our biggest social problems. In particular they believed that digital technologies—which rapidly fall in cost, increase in sophistication, and globally scale—can create a world of abundance.

Winner, winner: Early Stage

2019 Apr 19

by KrASIA Writers

Using augmented reality accessed through smartphones, 360ed gives students and their parents access to 3D flash cards for the English alphabet, English vocabulary, physics, biology, chemistry, and basic circuit design. The company has already brought its products to Indonesia and the Philippines last year, and has plans to step into Malaysia, Japan, and African nations as well.

Local startups call for greater private sector support, changes to tax regime

2018 Jul 3

While local start-ups are increasingly becoming drivers of change in Myanmar, obstacles remain for new companies to expand their reach and properly execute their projects. Daw Hla Hla Win, CEO and founder of a Yangon-based education start-up called 360ed which uses virtual reality and augmented reality applications to promote new ways of learning in Myanmar, spoke to the Myanmar Times about the challenges the start-up was facing.

Myanmar's startups map past, shape future with virtual reality

2017 Aug 23

"In Myanmar we can't afford much to bring students to the real world experience," beamed Hla Hla Win, a teacher and tech entrepreneur taking virtual reality into the classroom.
"If they're learning about animals we can't take them to the zoo... 99 percent of parents don't have time, don't have money, don't have the means," she added.

Myanmar Pride Awards, 2019

Hla Hla Win, A co-founder of 360ed Company that received World’s Top Ten Digital Innovation Award by UNESCO
Received the Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Schwab Foundation and the Emerging Young Leader Award from William Penn University
Born In Myanmar, Respected by the World

Strategies for supporting inclusive innovation: insights from South-East Asia

Innovation is not neutral: it has both a rate and, crucially, a direction. The style of innovation frequently touted as the answer is often not inclusive at all – it can exacerbate social and economic inequality and have unintended environmental consequences.

Digital Innovation Award | Hla Hla Win MC/MPA 2016

2021 May 21

by Harvard Kennedy School

Each year, HKS honors several outstanding alumni and one alumni network for exceptional public service and significant contributions to the Kennedy School and to local, national, and global communities. These awards are typically presented each year at Reunion on campus—but not during the pandemic. We are excited to announce this year’s recipients and hope you will watch this brief video highlighting their achievements.

Myanmar’s Pride Awards Giving Ceremony

2020 Mar 13

Myanmar’s Pride Award is the recognition of people born in Myanmar or the Myanmar descent who represent Myanmar: presenting Myanmar proudly to the world through their talents and success. This pride is given in recognition of their success and the same times this is also a message that those people deserve to be honored for their contributions in different fields. Giving Myanmar’s Pride Award will also help other people inspire in their works and make Myanmar known to the world.

Myanmar edutech startup 360ed wins Nikkei products award

2020 Jan 6

by YUICHI NITTA, Nikkei staff writer

In Myanmar, education has traditionally focused on rote learning, or memorization, and most schools have lacked models and experimental installations for science education. Hla Hla Win says she wants to change this by using mobile devices that have rapidly come into wide use over the past decade. "Mobile phones are a computer in your pocket. Why don't we utilize it for education?" she said.

Can sex ed counter rape in Myanmar?

2019 Oct 24

by Sheith Khidhir

Only a few months ago, Myanmar was shocked with news of the rape of a three-year-old girl who has since been given the pseudonym “Victoria”. Victoria was raped at a private nursery home in May. Then in September, she was able to testify through a video conference and identify her rapist. “It broke the hearts of so many parents but it was also a wake-up call that we can no longer see sex education as a taboo,” said Hla Hla Win

Augmented Reality Is Helping End Poverty by Delivering High-Quality Education in Myanmar and Beyond

2019 Jul 22

by Singularity University

360Ed is an education technology company focused on doing exactly this by delivering immersive high-quality education to students everywhere using augmented reality and other new technologies. This company is now delivering its solutions in Myanmar with plans to expand to Indonesia and other places in Asia and Africa where accessible high-quality education is most needed.

Burmese female tech pioneer reshapes the future of education and women

2018 May 18

There are two types of luxury that Myanmar cannot afford: time and resources. For 50 years, during the military times, education was used to brainwash and manipulate the population to impose the absolute obedience to the authorities, starting from classrooms. The other luxury we cannot afford are resources. The textbooks that I used 20 years ago are the same nowadays from grade 7 to grade 10. Those textbooks are terrible.

The Entrepreneur Bringing Virtual Reality to Burma’s Classrooms

2017 May 15

by Tin Htet Paing

RANGOON — How can teachers embrace children’s enthusiasm for technology, often used for entertainment and communication, to engage their students in learning and become better educators themselves in this technology-rich era?

Pilot project seeks to apply virtual reality to education

2016 Nov 29


YANGON — Educational software developer 360ed will launch a pilot in Myanmar in early January aimed at harnessing technology to improve the standard of teaching.

The project will target both public and private schools, said 360ed co-founder Daw Hla Hla Win.

Tech could help Myanmar smash sex taboos as rapes rise

by Beh Lih Yi

Key to her work is augmented reality (AR): ever more popular globally in everything from arts to flight training. Under AR, digital images are superimposed on reality to create a rich, interactive experience that combines real and virtual worlds. In Myanmar, 360ed uses AR in a series of apps it has developed since 2016 to help students better visualise complex subjects such as chemistry and biology. Her project on sex education, named “Bay Kin” or “Danger Free”, was launched in August soon after the child-rape case ignited national debate about sex, safety, children and consent.

360ed-Learning Apps: New Apps for Educational Reforms In Myanmar Introduced


With the collaboration of Ministry of Education, Edutech start-up, 360ed and Mpride introduced the new apps. This is the English learning apps for Grade-2 to Grade-5 of Myanmar curriculum. This apps was founded with a core version to reform the prevailing educational system in Myanmar through innovative digital technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and smart phone technologies in the curriculum.

Interactive XR Learning Aids in Myanmar and Beyond

2020 Oct 31

by Chris Dede

Ms. Hla Hla Win, CEO, an educator, is a serial entrepreneur, and received her master’s degree from the Kennedy School at Harvard University, her undergraduate degree in K-12 education from William Penn University and a leadership diploma from East West Center at Hawaii University. She advises both private secondary schools and the Myanmar government on educational innovation.

iLRN 2020 Virtual Conference

2020 Jun 21

Hla Hla Win is CEO and Co-Founder of 360ed, a Myanmar-based EdTech social enterprise. She is on a mission to democratize access to quality education by leveraging VR, AR,, and mobile technologies to build engaging new educational tools. 360ed advises the Myanmar government and others on educational technology and transformation.

Rethinking rural education: New ways to boost rural students’ learning and meet rural needs

2020 Apr 12

by IIRR | Apr 12, 2020 | Education, Rural Development

Rural education has a direct impact on rural incomes. There is a daunting need for a second green revolution with the prospect of nine billion humans on earth – and we need scientifically literate rural talent to do it. Thus, we need secondary and college-level scientific education and agricultural talent in rural areas that stay in rural areas.

As rapes rise in Myanmar, augmented reality could help smash sex taboos

2019 Oct 18

"Technology could help Myanmar fight a rise in rape cases, says an award-winning entrepreneur who is using augmented reality to bring sex education to the socially conservative country. The rape in May of a 3-year-old girl at a private nursery has sparked outrage, prompting thousands to take to the streets to demand justice and highlighting a paucity of sex education in the country.

Sex-ed in the digital era

2019 Aug 30

by Nyo Me

Sex education remains relatively underdeveloped in Myanmar. Moreover, some false information even circulates across social media. “Misinformation is serious. Some teenagers still believe, for instance, that girl can become pregnant just by sitting next to boys or by swimming in dirty water,” said Daw Hla Hla Win, the mother of a four-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

360ed Myanmar: Using Technology to Advance the Country’s Educational System

2018 Mar 30

by Asia

In the past fifty years, Myanmar was trapped in a dictatorial regime and was isolated from the rest of the world. Its current antiquated educational system cannot prepare the young generation to solve new challenges and its teachers are not equipped to teach 21st century learning skills. Rote learning, a memorization technique based on repetition is the solution to its current educational problem yet it keeps students from being proactive and motivated learners and creative thinkers.

Introducing Hla Hla Win and Laurent Boinot of 360edVR (EdTech)

2017 Jan 28

Our second profile is of Hla Hla Win and Laurent Boinot of 360edVR, a startup that aims to conduct teacher training via virtual reality (VR). 360edVR’s content is not focused on subject matter expertise, but rather the pedagogy on how to teach. They use a 360 camera to film experienced teachers; teachers from all around the world (think Myanmar) can immerse themselves in content to truly understand what it means to be a great educator!

Teaching in Technicolor

by Alumna Transforms Myanmar Education with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

I was a misfit, not book smart,” says Hla Hla Win MC/MPA 2016. After completing ninth grade, Win walked out of her school in Myanmar and didn’t return. Fifteen years later, she walked across the stage at Harvard Kennedy School’s 2016 commencement and into her role as founder and CEO of a social enterprise named 360ed.

The Role of Entrepreneurship inClosing Gender Gapsin Myanmar

We believe that entrepreneurship can be a powerful force to drive social change and to close gender gaps sustainably and inclusively. Thus, in Myanmar, we have launched a new initiative called the Gender Equality in Myanmar (GEM) project to support entrepreneurs and expand innovative business models that can benefit women and girls. GEM is the newest addition to our programs to support women entrepreneurs and inclusive businesses, to close gender gaps and to empower women and girls in Southeast Asia