High School Physics Augmented Reality (AR) Application is the application linked to Datthinpone
Physics. You can use the same QR code used to activate the Datthinpone Physics Application.
Datthinpone Physics Application is designed for high school students to learn physics in fun and
engaging ways. Augmented Reality technology is especially used for the concepts and lessons that
need to be visualized in multiple dimensions.

Here, students can learn physics 4D models with excitement in interactive and innovative ways. You
would need to scan the cards to see the 4D interactive models. There are total 28 cards in the
Datthinpone Physics Box. Among total 28 Flashcards, 15 cards can exhibit interesting 4D models
when they are scanned using Augmented Reality technology. The smartest learning style of 21st
century with Augmented Reality technology!

Physics Mockup 1.png

How to activate and use this application!

Step (1) Download the app

Step (2) Scan the QR code inside the box to activate

Step (3) Once you have activated, scan the AR flashcards

(AR Flashcards Numbers = 4B, 7A, 7B,12A, 20A, 20B, 21A,
22B, 23A, 25B, 26A, 26B, 27A, 28A, 28B)

You can use the demo cards (4B, 7A, 26A) before activation.

App’s Features and Sections

There are 6 sections in our Augmented Reality Learning Application. What is great is that 5 section
of our application work offline! You need to turn on internet when you want to use the Multimedia

3D Augmented Reality Section – Learn Physics Laws concepts with the help of 3D models with
excitement in interactive and innovative way.


Chapter – Don’t be satisfied with learning only in black
and white pictures and graphics. Come and learn
summarized Physics concepts and processes in both
Myanmar and English languages, with colourful
graphic organizers, tables and pictures and even with
short questions and answers. Bonus: There will be
interactive features in the app where students can be
active learners by interacting.


Exercise –  Practice different concepts-oriented problems
from each chapter. We have all the problems from
Chapter 1 to 12 with details explanation and how to apply

Chapter – Practice and check your proficiency right away
with two different forms of questions: MULTIPLE
CHOICE and MATCHING. You can receive feedback
for your answers with explanations. You can record your
progress and scores with dates.


Multimedia – Visualize videos of Physics Laws, Experiments
whiles, listening to the explanation like a teacher is beside you.
(Narrated in Myanmar Language)

Definition – You can learn all the definitions of each chapter
in one place. It will save both time and energy.

Physic AR.png

How to interact with 4D models!

To see the bigger models, zoom in and out with two fingers

To move the models, point and press two fingers on the models and drag them along

To take pictures, use camera buttons to take pictures with 4D models.


“How to Use”

Dat Thin Pone Physics serves Matriculation students in Myanmar. It can be easily started
with a mobile phone that is running on Android version 6 and above. iOS version will be
launched in the near future, so please stay tuned.

Once the app is installed,

Google play.png