Grade One English

Grade One English Learning App is a carefully designed educational learning application based on Myanmar Grade-1 English Textbook.

Each section aims to assist teachers and learners to interact with learning situations with visual illustrations in 3D and also focuses on the motor skills and hand-eye coordination enhancements for kids by fun learning games.


How to download and install?

How to use Grade One Eng?

Learning with Grade one app

How it's used in the classroom

Four features in Grade One English Application


  1. See the objects features clearly

  2. Learn the spelling and pronunciation of each word


  1. Gain spelling and precise pronunciation practice of each vocabulary

Learn & Play

  1. Help learners to practice the learnt words independently

  2. Encourage learners to boost their learning spirit with rewards and appreciation

Listen and Pratise

  1. Encourage learners self-learning at their own pace

  2. Practise precise pronunciation by listening songs, stories and interacting with visual illustrations 

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