Edutech start-up 360ed collaborates with MPride for educational reforms in Myanmar

The app aids visual classroom lesson amid COVID - 19 crisis

Yangon, Myanmar, 15 March 2020 - 360ed, Myanmar's only unicorn ed-tech startup, has collaborated with MPride to facilitate a wide array of academic opportunities to school children and young people in Myanmar. The partnership of over 250 million Kyats aims at improving the learning experience of students by introducing English learning apps for Grade 2-5 of Myanmar Curriculum. Founded with a core vision to reform the prevailing educational system in the country, 360ed embedded innovative digital technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and smartphone technologies into academics. This social innovation becomes more important amid growing COVID-19 mayhem globally.

Presently, there is no confirmed case of COVID – 19 in Myanmar, but health and safety measures are vital to control this deadly disease from spreading. As per the UNESCO reports, in the wake of COVID – 19, the government of 49 nationshave closed schools as a safety measure to curb the disease from spreading, impacting 391.5 million children and youth, resulting them to rely on self-study. During this time, learning apps like Dat Thin Pone play a vital role in helping a student who is willing to self-learn the growing phenomenon correctly. Amongst many features, 4D Interaction and Augmented Reality enable a student to actually visualize the shape and characteristics of an object and ask questions from the expert online. In addition, the gamification of the content through this app proves to be the best way of learning with fun along with family. Thus, to reach out to the large student and teacher base in the country, 360ed’s partnership with MPride further accelerate the growth and will bridge the gap of learning opportunities between the urban and rural.

Speaking of the strategic partnership, Hla Hla Win, CEO and founder of 360ed, said “We are truly delighted with the response we have received from MPride. They are our prestigious partner who believed in our mission of providing quality digital education to students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. With their support and faith in our mission, we will further develop a world-class learning app which will provide immense opportunities to Myanmar students. I firmly believe that the conviction of self-learning in a student can help him in shaping his future. Even during a crisis like COVID - 19, gaining knowledge seems easy even if your school is closed.”

Sharing the same social commitment, U Zaw Myo Hlaing, Managing Director MPridesaid, “I truly admire the mission of 360ed, they are taking the initiative to innovate our society and nurturing future leaders. I firmly believe that technology can transform Myanmar’s education landscape and provide valuable information to its subscribers in times of crisis like COVID - 19.”

About 360ed

360ed is comprised of a team of Myanmar and international educators, tech experts, content creators, and scholars who are committed to revamping the education reform process by leveraging advances of VR, AR and other emerging technologies for learners in Myanmar. The organization is dedicated to providing policy advice, conducting teachers training and applying technological innovation to pedagogy in Southeast Asia, starting with Myanmar. Our work is grounded in experimentation, innovation, collaborative partnerships and extended fieldwork and has been recognized by UNESCO and received an award for innovation in digital technologies in February 2018. Our main Datthinpone products, which combined flashcards with augmented reality-based learning apps, have now been sold outside of Myanmar in many countries in South East Asia.

About MPride

M Pride, one of the fastest growing distribution companies in Myanmar, has built up dynamic and extensive distribution and marketing networks throughout Myanmar. Presently M Pride is reaching out to 40 million local consumers via 17,000 and more outlets in Myanmar. M Pride is comprised of 170 competent and motivated individuals and presently working with 10 key FMCG brands.With our local expertise, knowledge and extensive reach, M Pride is the preferred choice of distribution partner, to render our services and to assist in reaching our clients’ targeted sales and growth in Myanmar market. M Pride offers a range of services from product feasibility studies, product registration, importation through borders and sea freight, product and brand marketing management, in-store activations, merchandizing, warehousing and customer services, nationwide distribution and logistics services. M Pride establishes itself well in the business for a period of decade and recently celebrated 10 years anniversary of its establishment.

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