Vocabulary Builder AR is a 4D Augmented Reality Application for your child to easily learn new

words and practice their correct pronunciations. 4D Augmented Reality is a fun way to learn, allowing

your child to scan flashcards using a phone or tablet and have them show up on their screen. This

way interactive learning along with the use of technology will really bring the words they learn to life

in new, fun, and exciting ways!

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  • 27 Colourful Flashcards

  • User Guide

  • QR code for activation on up to 3 devices


App Features and Sections

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3D Augmented Reality will allow your child to learn and build with 3D models. Bringing a more inno-

vative and interactive touch to learning new words by using pictures and game based exercises. Your

child will love how exciting and fun learning can be!


Your child will also learn English concepts and

processes with the use of colorful graphics,

tables, and pictures with short questions for them

to answer. The bright and colorful graphics really

feel like a game, so your child will be so excited

to participate and be active while learning.


Want to check your child's proficiency? We

have you covered. We provide tests with

multiple forms of questions, IE: True/False,

Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank. You and your

child will receive feedback with an explanation

for all of their ansers. You can then record

your progress and scores by date. You'll easily

be able to check back to see how your child is



Your child will have different practice opportunities to improve their proficiency in multiple different

areas. They can practice as much as they would like! All the while, they will have the opportunity to

have the processes and concepts explained to them, as if a teacher was right there with them!

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How do you see the 4D model bigger? 

Zoom in by using 2 fingers and make a pinching

motion on the screen. Zoom out by using 2 fingers

and move them away from each other on the screen

How do you move the 4D model?

Point and press with 2 fingers to move and drag the models

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Vocabulary Builder AR can be easily started
with a mobile phone that is running on Android version 6 and above. 

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