Sample Testimonial 1

Sample Testimonial 1

Virtual Home Based Learning Products
Next level learning that you can do anywhere!
Best of both worlds – standalone learning AND parent-child learning opportunity

Designed by teachers and inspired by parents, this cutting edge augmented reality (AR) technology in our home based learning products that brings the interactive learning that your child craves to any mobile device - without any extra equipment needed.

Now your child can learn and explore STEM and languages anywhere, either by themselves, or with you as a family bonding experience.

These products are for you if:

  • Your child prefers hands on learning
  • You want to inspire your children with self-directed learning
  • You don’t have time to research new experiments and tools
  • You homeschool your children
  • You’re a busy parent that still wants to be involved

Create Learning Memories Together with Home Based Learning Products

We’re never too busy to be a part of our children’s learning, that’s why we created these easy to use game-based modules. So whether your child needs some independent learning time, or you want share some quality time with your child, these next level games can stimulate curiosity and love of learning

Enrich your child’s learning – without hours of research & materials

Our games are so interactive, you can have fun doing them together, without all the research, prep work, and buying materials. It’s totally portable so it can be done on the road, at home…or anywhere!

No wi-fi connections needed – once the game is installed, you’re good to go.
We’ll bring the science labs to you – Let your child play with electrical circuits virtually (and safely) and explore elements and compounds in the comfort of your own home.

  • No special equipment needed
  • Highly interactive with the latest 4D technology
  • Your child can explore again and again
  • Games and challenges make it easy to learn!

Award-winning Interactive Home Based Learning Products for Future-Ready Students

  • Digital Innovation Award - Harvard Kennedy School (2021)
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year - Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship (2019)
  • Superior Products and Services Award - Nikkei Asia Awards for Excellence (2019)
  • The Best in Business Award - Myanmar’s Pride Award (2019)
  • Top Ten Digital Innovation Award - NetExplo (2018)

We’re proud to bring our products to over 500,000 students in the world as a result of our dedication to social entrepreneurship, and using the latest technology to improve education everywhere.
We may be award-winning innovators, but we’re parents first. And nothing can replace a good education and bonding time with your child. We’ll bring the schools and STEM labs right to your home with our home based learning products . All you need is a mobile device to get started.

Let’s work together to bring the world of education
to life for our future generations.

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