Elements AR

Elements AR

Elements AR

Elements AR is an educational application designed with primary and middle school learners in mind. This educational application will make learners fall in love with chemistry and will bring it to life with game based learning to enhance your learners’ educational experience. Learners will have access to a pronunciation guide, making it a breeze to learn the different names of the elements and compounds they are learning about. Colorful 4D models will break down difficult concepts into a more accessible and easy-to-understand guide to the world of Chemistry. If you’re wanting to get a head start in science and Chemistry, this is it.

What will you receive?

31 Scannable Elements Flashcards

  • 1H to 30Zn Elements Cards
  • The Periodic Table Card

The Period Table Sheet

User Guide

A QR code for activation on up to 3 devices

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Apps Features and Sections

With Chemistry AR, learners will have access to four features to enhance their experience and provide a fun and interactive experience to Chemistry.

You will be provided flashcards which you will be able to scan with your phone or tablet. Scanning the cards will allow learners to explore the elements and compounds in multiple different ways. They will be able to study the element’s occurrence, molecular structure, and atomic structure. Learners will also be able to combine cards to study the comparison of the two elements or the binary compound they make. With the use of colorful graphic organizers, tables, and pictures learners will have an easy-to-understand and fun learning experience.

Learner’s will also have access to a 4D Interactive Periodic Table. Learner’s understanding of periodic trends will be enhanced by the interactive 4D graphics within the periodic table. Learners will be able to check and increase their knowledge of the elements and compounds by taking our gamified, fun quizzes.

Learners will also have access to colorful 4D models to break down into accessible guides to the world of elements, molecules, and binary compounds. An interactive periodic table will also provide information about each element, and will provide ease of learning through seeing it with graphics and bright colors.

How do you see the 4D model enlarged?
Zoom in by using 2 fingers and make a pinching motion on the screen. Zoom out by using 2 fingers and move them away from each other on the screen.
How do you move the 4D model?
Point and press with 2 fingers to move and drag the models.