Electric Circuit AR

Electric Circuit AR

Electric Circuit AR

Electric Circuit AR is an educational application that provides game-like learning aids to learn the fundamentals of electronic theories and principles with ease. With 4D Augmented Reality features, learners will be able to study the detailed internal structure of electronic components and circuits, allowing a more interactive and fun learning experience. Learners will also have access to games, quizzes and audio features to enhance their learning experience. Learners will be able to scan the provided flashcards to enhance their experience and really bring a simple, fun, engaging and effective gamified learning experience.

What will you receive?

25 Flashcards (23 AR ready)

10 Component Cards

  • Resistor
  • Capacitor
  • Battery
  • Switch
  • Diode
  • Light-Emitting Diode
  • Ammeter
  • Voltmeter
  • Buzzer
  • Transistor

13 Circuit Cards

  • Basic Simple Circuit
  • Verification of Ohm’s Law
  • Resistance of a Wire
  • Series Circuit
  • Parallel Circuit
  • Two Batteries & Two Resistors Circuit
  • Wheatstone Bridge Circuit
  • Charging of a Capacitor
  • Discharging of a Capacitor
  • Home Security Alarm
  • Touch Sensor Circuit
  • Simple Tone Generator

2 Reference Cards

  • How to Read Resistor Value
  • How to Read Capacitor Value

User Guide

A QR code for activation on up to 3 devices

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Apps Features and Sections

With Electric Circuit AR, learners will have access to games which will provide a fun and interactive experience in learning electronic theories and principles. Learners will have the ability to drag and drop different items and components into a 3D space, giving them the opportunity to play with multiple different combinations of circuits in an interactive manner.

Detailed explanations will always be provided about each component and circuit allowing learners to better understand what they are learning. Mini-games and quizzes also provide fun ways for them to examine their level of understanding. With the bright colors and graphics, this educational learning journey will be fun, engaging, and effective.

Learners will also be rewarded along the way while completing different games and quizzes with trophies. The more they learn and play the gamified experience, the more trophies they can collect. We believe in making learning a fun experience, so we have gone above and beyond to base our learning applications on gamified ideas and concepts to make learners truly enjoy their experience and want to participate in fun and effective ways.

How do you see the 4D model enlarged?
Zoom in by using 2 fingers and make a pinching motion on the screen. Zoom out by using 2 fingers and move them away from each other on the screen.
How do you move the 4D model?
Point and press with 2 fingers to move and drag the models.