About Us

About Us

We’re not just award-winning app developers.We’re parents and teachers too.

Since 2016, 360ed Tech been trusted by international organizations such as United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), UNESCO, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to create learning apps for children all across the globe.

But we’re also parents too.
We want the best education for our children.
We wanted to sit down and learn WITH our child in a fun way.
So we decided to create our own learning apps for our own family…and yours!

What is social entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is solving a social problem as a business. Social entrepreneur ventures can be more sustainable than charity-led initiatives, not only because their operations can run without a donor, but they can quickly adapt their products and services based on current market feedback.

The primary mission of social entrepreneurship is to run a business that creates positive impact in a self-supporting way. This means creating a strategic, scalable model that funds new innovation and growth, creates good jobs, and benefits the people of the world. To read more about social entrepreneurship, THE SCHWAB FOUNDATION

Our Mission

At 360ed Tech Corp, we believe quality education is essential to empowering children for a better future.
Experiential learning and one-on-one mentoring by expert teachers have been shown to be key elements to a child's academic success.
Yet, access to education can be uneven (or out of reach) for so many, and we’re here to change that by creating home based learning products that don’t require extra equipment or strong wi-fi connections.
Augmented Reality and other new technologies can “teleport” you, your child, or their teacher into the best classrooms in the world.

Our Awards Recognitions

Knowledge alone might benefit a person or enrich a family, but passing along that knowledge through education empowers the next generation. 360ed Tech integrates the latest augmented reality (AR) advancements with a classical education model to bring educational success through play, regardless of circumstances or resources. We’re proud to make learning fun and accessible to children around the globe.