Hla Hla Win MC/MPA 2016 is on a mission to educate people in the most difficult-to-reach places

Hla Hla Win MC/MPA 2016 is on a mission to educate people in the most difficult-to-reach places

Enhance Your Child's Education With Augmented Reality Learning
Transform your child’s
learning experience from anywhere.
Our augmented reality (AR) technology brings
interactive learning to any mobile device, empowering children to amplify their STEM and language skills without the need for special equipment or even Wi-Fi.

Immersive Learning Experiences at Your Child’s Fingertips

Committed to sparking curiosity and
confidence in children,
our interactive games make STEM education
both accessible and exciting.
Perfect for learning at home or on the go,
our products deliver instant feedback for deeper
learning that maintains your child’s
  • Interactive, easy-to-use game-based modules
  • No additional research, tools, materials, or special equipment necessary
  • Available from anywhere, including areas with limited internet access
  • Uses 4D visuals to maintain interest and deepen the learning experience
  • Hands-on learning at the crossroads of entertainment and education

Inspire a Love of learning through Interactive Games

Our acclaimed STEM learning products embrace
the latest education innovations to put
virtual chemistry labs, electrical circuits, and more
within reach, stimulating your
child’s education with as much or as little parent
involvement as you would like. We also offer games to broaden your child’s language skills and vocabulary.

360ed Electric Circuit AR

Electric Circuit AR

Dive into virtual electric circuits without any risk while learning electronic theories, circuit board building, and more.
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360ed Elements AR

Elements AR

Explore a virtual chemistry lab complete with various periodic table elements, binary compounds, and more using interactive 4D models.
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360ed Vocabulary Builder AR

Vocabulary Builder AR

Build vocabulary skills, practice pronunciations, and form simple sentences through interactive 4D games using AR.
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360ed Alphabet AR

Alphabet AR

Learn the alphabet, pronunciations, and common vocabulary words through “learn and play” games using audio and 4D visuals.
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