Vocabulary Builder AR

Vocabulary Builder AR

Interactive Vocabulary Learning with 4D Augmented Reality.

With over 200 English words and 27 colorful flashcards, Vocabulary Builder AR helps improve your child’s pronunciation, memory, and vocabulary through interactive game-based exercises. Explore 12 different categories with a mosaic of games, including find the objects, fill in the blanks, word-image matching, correct word selections, and word spelling. Our categories include animals, colors, clothing, sports, vehicles, time, and more.

Why Choose Vocabulary Builder AR?

  • Creativity-building activities for ages 4+
  • Activities that include correct audio pronunciations
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces for a fun and rewarding learning experience
  • Engaging games with stunning 4D visuals
  • No ongoing subscription fees, just a one-time purchase for lifetime access

What can you learn?

  • Over (200) English vocabularies
  • Pronunciation for each vocabulary
  • Pictures with 4D AR
  • Game-based exercises by answering the questions

Learners will have the ability to learn from 12 different categories:

Along with these different categories, learners will have access to these learning games to make the learning experience a fun and interactive one:

What is in the box?

  • 7 Colorful Flashcards
  • User Guide
  • QR Code which can be used for up to 3 devices
  • List of Flashcards

Apps Features and Sections

4D Augmented Reality

Increases a child’s creativity, supports creative learning by using AR cards. AR pictures improve the memory of the learners.

Using AR is a better way to educate a child to improve language and vocabulary.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop the letter to the correct Place and spell the word.

Listen and match

Listen and match the words to the correct pictures.

Look at the picture and choose

Look at the picture and choose the correct answer. Click on the audio button to listen to listen to the words.

Vocabulary builder learning games include:

Find the objects

Find the hidden objects from the menu below.

Game-Based Exercises Where Education Meets Excitement

Vocabulary Builder AR keeps the learning process fun and engaging as children drag and drop letters, pop balloons, and beyond.

In turn, learners can improve their vocabulary and pronunciation skills while enjoying a unique experience every time. Each box supports up to three devices.

How to interact with 4D models!

To see the bigger models, zoom in and out with two fingers

To move the models, point and press two fingers on the models and drag along

To take pictures, use camera buttons to take pictures with 4D models.

Free Demo Experience

  • Install the app for FREE!
  • Open "Vocabulary Builder AR"
  • Open Augmented Reality (AR) session in the application to scan the following demo cards.