AR Learning

AR Learning

Bring next-level tech learning, wherever you go.

STEM & Language Digital Home Based Learning Products
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Learning has changed… and so have we.
Gone are the days of physical encyclopedia books.   Nowadays, our children have so many electronics competing for their attention.
Yet most of it is purely entertainment…until now.
Our STEM & Language Digital Home Based Learning Products capture the limitless potential of technology advances to create a truly interactive learning experience that will delight and educate all at once.

For Each STEM & Language Digital Home Based Learning Product

  • Your child can learn independently with the built-in Learning Tutor – or with you by their side.
  • No fancy equipment necessary – just a phone or tablet!
  • Use a game to inspire confident learning
  • Uses 4D visuals to capture their attention
  • Offers repetition and instant feedback to deepen learning


Alphabet AR

Learn the Alphabet through Play with Alphabet AR

Alphabet AR takes flash cards to a whole new level, with 4D visuals to explore and audio pronunciation guides.

  • Learn new letters and pronunciations
  • Includes words too (people, animals, objects, and food)
  • Animated 4D objects for engaging learning
  • “Learn and Play” games with audio and visual
  • Recommended for ages 3+

Vocabulary Builder AR

Have Fun with Vocabulary Builder AR to Learn New Words

This 4D Augmented Reality Application is an interactive way to easily build your vocabulary and practice their correct pronunciations. 

  • Audio pronunciation guide
  • Explores 10 popular scenes for common vocabulary words
  • Teaches common objects, action words, colors, and simple sentences
  • “Learn and Play” games with audio and visual
  • Recommended for ages 4+

As a bonus – scan the flash card and get related words to build context!

Elements AR

Chemistry Fun without a Messy Lab

Mix compounds and elements without ever stepping foot into a real lab with Elements AR.

  • Use 4D Augmented Reality to explore elements
  • Explore the periodic table in details with 4D interactive models
  • Discover binary compounds
  • Learn atomic size, ionization energy, electronegativity, and electron affinity in 4D
  • Use up to 3 devices per household (fun for the whole family)
  • Quizzes available to use repetition for deeper learning
  • Recommended for ages 10+


Electric Circuit AR

Play With Electric Circuits (Virtually!) 

With Electric Circuit AR, you can explore electric circuits virtually without any extra equipment or the fear of being shocked. 

  • Understand the fundamentals of electronic theories
  • Learn about components of a circuits and different types of circuits
  • Use up to 3 devices per household, so the whole family can enjoy!
  • Mini-games available to use repetition for deeper learning
  • Build your own circuit board using the interactive screen
  • Recommended for ages 10+

Play wherever you go with our Portable Learning Products

With our STEM & Language Digital Home Based Learning Products,  you don’t need an ongoing wi-fi connection necessary – download the information and you’re good to go.

No monthly fees or subscription necessary.

Why would we charge you every month?  We don’t believe in the subscription model.  If you buy it, it’s yours…forever.

Share a Deep Learning Experience (Even If You Aren’t an Expert)

As parents, we wanted our child to love learning and take her education to the next level.  We knew we weren’t the only parents that wanted to get involved in deep learning in areas outside of their expertise.

That’s why we created our STEM & Language Digital Home Based Learning Products  products so that parents just like us could provide stimulating and interactive learning outside of their lessons at school.  Simply download the app and use the flashcards and you’ll be on your way to a learning experience like no other.