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April 20, 2020

Grade One English Learning App

Such great news to start a first working day in the Myanmar new year.

UNESCO has shared our #Datthinpone

Grade one English language app with learners around the world. I am so proud of my team for making Augmented Reality learning tools accessible to learners around the world.

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March 8, 2020

Panel Discussion of Career Choice and Career Advancement

360ed is a company that produces Augmented Reality (AR) 3D visualization technology to use educational mobile learning devices to make children more interested in learning by using mobile phones and tablets.

"Pioneer is only good when he hears it." That's not the case, says CEO of 360ed To be a successful person in the future For those who are passionate about it, this is a quote from Eleven Broadcasting's "Career Choices and Livelihoods" forum.

This plan is sponsored by KBZ BANK as the main Sponsor.

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January 28, 2020

The Education Development Implementation Conference 2020

The Education Development Implementation Conference 2020 (Basic Education Sector) was held at Myanmar International Convention Centre -II (MICC-II) in Nay Pyi Taw at 10:00 am on 28 January 2020, and the State Counsellor of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Daw Aung San Suu Kyi attended the ceremony and delivered the opening speech. Together with education and technology, we have been able to showcase our one-on-one support with our 360ed curriculum support in the reform of Myanmar's education system

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December 23, 2019

Promoting Civic Engagement through Entrepreneurship 

We are part of the 360ed Tutorial Team to help transform education On May 13, 2019, the international education and technology exchange workshop was held in Myitkyina.

Similarly, if the region is invited to a seminar on education, we are ready to meet with the 360ed Technical Advisory Board.

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January 20, 2018

Building Blockchains in Myanmar Event

We invited those new to blockchain technology and those who are already familiar with the basics.

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netexplo award winner 2018 UNESCO

Myanmar’s 360ed - the world’s Top 10 Innovation Award

Team 360ed 

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March 18, 2020

Good Morning Myanmar 

Channel 7 (Good Morning Myanmar) shares with our 360ed Managing Director, Yan Min Aung, "Channel 7 invites students to learn about 360-level technical assistance for a new English curriculum starting from next academic year."



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March 5 , 2020

Myanmar Pride Awards 2019

360ed won the best in business award yesterday by Myanmar Pride Awards.

Many many happy returns of the day, happy birthday to you, many many happy returns of the day.

Thank you for supporting us to continue our goal in Myanmar's education transformation process called augmented reality.

This prize is not the only 360ed company. We celebrate the efforts of every group family, people from far away, money, time, Technical Investors, donors and all our business partners and colleagues.

As a whole business award includes teachers, students, parents, and educational colleagues, we also co-workers who support the whole business award.

Thank you to all the members of the Myanmar Pride Awards Award awards and the members of the Myanmar Pride Awards Award for the 360ed family who voted for the 360ed family.

Thank you to everyone for accepting a second-appreciated medicine of 2020, proudly accepted and thank you to all for your new efforts to keep a trip.

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March 5, 2020

The Next generation of education aids in Myanmar

The Union Minister for Education Dr. Myo Thein Gyi and Directors of Ministry warmly received U Yan Min Aung, Managing Director, Daw Hla Hla Win, Chief Executive Director and Mr. David Hytha, consultant of 360ed Visioneering Learning at the lobby of the Union Minister's Office on 27 January 2020. We are sincerely to sponsor more mobile applications with Augmented Reality Learning Technology for all grade level to develop education of Myanmar. We have been remarked by Minister that we have been meeting with the next generation of education aids in Myanmar.

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Jun 9 , 2018

Dat Thin Pone Launch and Press Release

We had Dat Thin Pone Series Launch and Press Release on Saturday, June 9, 2018. We introduced Dat Thin Pone and Maker Space in a box to the public.

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March 27, 2017

InspireMe Festival

Team 360ed participated the Inspireme Festival of 2017 alongside with Dulwich College and the British Embassy and introduced our AR prototypes and VR films of the classroom of Dulwich College.

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Beta Test in Myanmar

Team 360ed 

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March 15, 2020

Edutech start-up 360ed collaborates with MPride for educational reforms in Myanmar

More than 2500 million kyats were invested, and 360ed and MPride teamed up to launch the Flash Card and Mobile applications for the Novotel Hotel on March 15 at the Novotel Hotel.


The event aims at introducing flash cards and mobile applications designed to help students learn English through lessons taught in English from the second to the fifth grade. It is possible to upgrade.


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January 31, 2020

Engineering students from University of Sydney visiting 360ed

Today, we receive engineering students and faculty members from the University of Sydney, Australia at our office. We shared how 360ed’s work is taking a part in the Myanmar education reform process and making impacts to the learners and teachers in Myanmar and beyond. Thanks to Dr. Anitha and team from Authentica (Academic Programme Provider based in India) for arranging the visit and Ko Okkar from Impact Hub Myanmar for making the introduction of 360ed in the first place

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January 15, 2020

“Resilience amidst risk”

“Resilience amidst risk”

Hall of the Ministry of Planning Affairs, Financial, Industry and published twice a year with the formation of the World Bank Myanmar Economic Report (December 2019), the Steering Committee for the
“Resilience amidst risk” between the economy of Burma, with the title of" the next meeting on January 14, 2020 Held at the Hilton Hotel in Naypyidaw.

U Zaya Thu (CEO, The Voice News Journal), Daw Hla Hla Win (CEO, 360ed ); Zaw Naing Tin (CEO, DaiIchiMyanmar Life Insurance) Zaw Naing (DG, Financial Regulatory Department)
We have recently listed Myanmar's economic development with the theme "Resilience amidst risk”.
They discussed and discussed economic issues and policy issues selected by the respective sectors.

We would like to thank the responsible officials of the World Bank (MEM) for inviting our beautiful 360ed's CEO Daw Hla Hla Win at the Myanmar Economic Monitor (MEM).

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February 10, 2018

Official Unveiling Ceremony

We celebrate our official unveiling ceremony of Myanmar’s first augmented reality 3D learning Apps and Press Conference in Melia Hotel.

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March 27, 2017

Tech meetup at Phandeeyar

Our founder, Hla Hla Win, gave a talk on the importance of technology and leapfrogging with the help of AR and VR in Myanmar’s education reform process.

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Pilot project seeks to apply virtual reality to education

2016 Nov 29


YANGON — Educational software developer 360ed will launch a pilot in Myanmar in early January aimed at harnessing technology to improve the standard of teaching.

The project will target both public and private schools, said 360ed co-founder Daw Hla Hla Win.

Burmese female tech pioneer reshapes the future of education and women

2018 May 18

There are two types of luxury that Myanmar cannot afford: time and resources. For 50 years, during the military times, education was used to brainwash and manipulate the population to impose the absolute obedience to the authorities, starting from classrooms. The other luxury we cannot afford are resources. The textbooks that I used 20 years ago are the same nowadays from grade 7 to grade 10. Those textbooks are terrible.

The Role of Entrepreneurship inClosing Gender Gapsin Myanmar

We believe that entrepreneurship can be a powerful force to drive social change and to close gender gaps sustainably and inclusively. Thus, in Myanmar, we have launched a new initiative called the Gender Equality in Myanmar (GEM) project to support entrepreneurs and expand innovative business models that can benefit women and girls. GEM is the newest addition to our programs to support women entrepreneurs and inclusive businesses, to close gender gaps and to empower women and girls in Southeast Asia

Teaching in Technicolor

2022 Jun 1

by Alumna Transforms Myanmar Education with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

“I was a misfit, not book smart,” says Hla Hla Win MC/MPA 2016. After completing ninth grade, Win walked out of her school in Myanmar and didn’t return. Fifteen years later, she walked across the stage at Harvard Kennedy School’s 2016 commencement and into her role as founder and CEO of a social enterprise named 360ed.

Hla Hla Win MC/MPA 2016 is on a mission to educate people in the most difficult-to-reach places

2021 May 22

by HKS

HLA HLA WIN MC/MPA 2016 isn’t a morning person. So when the phone rang at 6:30 am on February 1, she groggily knew that something wasn’t right.

Introducing Hla Hla Win and Laurent Boinot of 360edVR (EdTech)

2017 Jan 28

Our second profile is of Hla Hla Win and Laurent Boinot of 360edVR, a startup that aims to conduct teacher training via virtual reality (VR). 360edVR’s content is not focused on subject matter expertise, but rather the pedagogy on how to teach. They use a 360 camera to film experienced teachers; teachers from all around the world (think Myanmar) can immerse themselves in content to truly understand what it means to be a great educator!

Sex-ed in the digital era

2019 Aug 30

by Nyo Me

Sex education remains relatively underdeveloped in Myanmar. Moreover, some false information even circulates across social media. “Misinformation is serious. Some teenagers still believe, for instance, that girl can become pregnant just by sitting next to boys or by swimming in dirty water,” said Daw Hla Hla Win, the mother of a four-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

Myanmar's startups map past, shape future with virtual reality

2017 Aug 23

"In Myanmar we can't afford much to bring students to the real world experience," beamed Hla Hla Win, a teacher and tech entrepreneur taking virtual reality into the classroom.
"If they're learning about animals we can't take them to the zoo... 99 percent of parents don't have time, don't have money, don't have the means," she added.

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Digital Innovation Award | Hla Hla Win MC/MPA 2016

2021 May 21

by Harvard Kennedy School

Each year, HKS honors several outstanding alumni and one alumni network for exceptional public service and significant contributions to the Kennedy School and to local, national, and global communities. These awards are typically presented each year at Reunion on campus—but not during the pandemic. We are excited to announce this year’s recipients and hope you will watch this brief video highlighting their achievements.

Tech could help Myanmar smash sex taboos as rapes rise

by Beh Lih Yi

Key to her work is augmented reality (AR): ever more popular globally in everything from arts to flight training. Under AR, digital images are superimposed on reality to create a rich, interactive experience that combines real and virtual worlds. In Myanmar, 360ed uses AR in a series of apps it has developed since 2016 to help students better visualise complex subjects such as chemistry and biology. Her project on sex education, named “Bay Kin” or “Danger Free”, was launched in August soon after the child-rape case ignited national debate about sex, safety, children and consent.

Strategies for supporting inclusive innovation: insights from South-East Asia

Innovation is not neutral: it has both a rate and, crucially, a direction. The style of innovation frequently touted as the answer is often not inclusive at all – it can exacerbate social and economic inequality and have unintended environmental consequences.