Electric Circuit AR


App Features

1. User Profile, Avatar and Social Logins

2. Energy Points

3. Trophies

4. Application Settings

5. Augmented Reality Features

6. Details information about Electronic Components

7. Details information about Electric Circuits

8. Interactive Mini Games

9. Quizzes to check level of understanding

Component section

Circuit section

Mini Game


AR section

10 Component Cards

13 Circuit Cards

2 Reference Cards

Lists of Cards

Component Cards

1. Resistor

2. Capacitor

3. Battery

4. Switch

5. Diode

6. Light-Emitting Diode

7. Ammeter

8. Voltmeter

9. Buzzer

10. Transistor


Circuit Cards

1. Basic Simple Circuit

2. Verification of Ohm’s Law

3. Resistance of a wire

4. Series Circuit

5. Parallel Circuit

6. Series/Parallel Circuit

7. Two Batteries and Two Resistors Circuit

8. Wheatstone Bridge Circuit

9. Charging of a Capacitor

10. Discharging of a Capacitor

11. Home Security Alarm

12. Touch Sensor Circuit

13. Simple Tone Generator


-Follow these steps to use this Electric Circuit AR app:

-Download Electric Circuit AR app




-Scan the QR code inside the box, to activate the app

-QR code can be used for three devices

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