Electric Circuit AR Application and Flashcards are the learning aids that are developed based on
gamification to learn fundamental electronic theories and principles easily. With 4D Augmented
Reality features, learners can study the detailed internal structure of electronic components and
electrical circuits which are designed based on electrical laws and theories. Quizzes, Games, and
audio features are also provided to learn more effectively.


What is in the box?

25 Flashcards which included 23 AR-enabled Flashcards

10 Component Card

13 Circuit Cards

2 Reference Cards

QR Code which can be used for up to 3 Mobile Devices

User Guide

What can you learn?

1. Fundamental electronic principles from 10 component cards

2. Theories from 13 Circuit Cards

3. Detailed internal structure of electronic components with augmented reality features

4. Electrical circuit which is designed based on electrical laws and theories. (It is provided to learn with 4D pictures, colorful pictures, quizzers, games, and audio features.)


App’s Features and Sections

Augmented Reality circuit games are based on fundamental electronic theories and
principles. Just by dragging and dropping components in 3D space, different
combinations of circuits can be built.


Detail explanations about each component and circuit are also included in the "LEARN

Electric Circuit AR .png

How to interact with 4D models!

  • To see the bigger models, zoom in and out with two fingers

  • To move the models, point and press two fingers on the models and drag them along

  • To take pictures, use camera buttons to take pictures with 4D models.


Mini-games and Quizzes also provide ways to examine learners' level of understanding. Being based
on Gamification ideas and concepts, the learning journey will be fun, engaging and effective.


“How to Use”

Electric Circuit AR serves Matriculation students in Myanmar. It can be easily started
with a mobile phone that is running on Android version 6 and above.

Let's use the Electric Circuit AR application to create smarter kids so we don't fall behind in the
the new era of technology.

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