Electric Circuit AR is an application that provides game-like learning aids to learn the fundamentals

of electronic theories and principles with ease. With 4D Augmented Reality features, your child will

be able to study the detailed internal structure of electronic components and circuits, allowing a more

interactive and fun learning experience. You will also have access to games, quizzes and audio fea-

tures to enhance your learning experience.


  • 25 Flashcards (23 AR ready)

  • 10 Component Card

  • 13 Circuit Cards

  • 2 Reference Cards

  • User Guide

  • A QR code for activation on up to 3 devices


App Features and Sections


With Electric Circuit AR, your child will have access to games which will provide a fun and interactive

experience in learning electronic theories and principles. By simply dragging and dropping compo-

nents in a 3D space, your child will be able to experience and play with different combinations of cir-

cuits that they can build

Detailed explanations will always be provided

about each component and circuit allowing

your child to better understand what they are

learning. Mini-games and quizzes also provide

fun ways for your child to examine their level of

understanding. With the bright colors and

graphics, your child's learning journey will be

fun, engaging and effective.

Electric Circuit AR .png

How do you move the 4D model?

Point and press with 2 fingers to move and drag the models

How do you see the 4D model bigger? 

Zoom in by using 2 fingers and make a pinching

motion on the screen. Zoom out by using 2 fingers

and move them away from each other on the screen

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Let's use the Electric Circuit AR application to create smarter kids so we don't fall behind in the
the new era of technology.

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