Grade 1 Science Application

Grade 1 Science Application

Transforming education with the Grade 1 Science Application

At 360ed, we are at the forefront of transforming education, and our Grade 1 Science Application is a shining example of our commitment.

Moe Content At 360ed, we are at the forefront of transforming education, and our Grade 1 Science Application is a shining example of our commitment.

Igniting Curiosity and Exploration

We understand the challenges faced by Grade 1 students in Myanmar, where limited resources hinder their scientific curiosity.

With 1.1 million new learners each year, it is crucial to bridge this gap and provide a virtual environment where students can explore and learn dynamically

Designed to empower young learners in Myanmar, this mobile application is revolutionizing the way science is taught. By seamlessly integrating with the government's "Grade 1 Science" textbook, our application introduces children to the fascinating world of scientific studies and nurtures their innate curiosity through captivating augmented reality (AR) lessons and interactive exercises.

A Lifelong Passion For Science

360ed offers the Grade 1 Science Application, a transformative learning tool that is revolutionizing Myanmar’s education system.

Our comprehensive application provides a wide range of interactive features, empowering primary students and fostering a profound impact on their scientific education.

fostering a lifelong passion for science. With each interaction, students develop the skills and mindset of future innovators, paving the way for scientific exploration and discovery.

Empowering All Students

At 360ed, we believe that education should be accessible to all. Our Grade 1 Science Application levels the playing field, empowering every student to embark on a scientific journey without limitations …

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and instructional design, we create an inclusive and engaging learning experience for primary students.

Inspiring Learning and Deepening Understanding

Our Grade 1 Science Application is a powerful tool that ignites children’s curiosity and fosters their understanding of science …

Integrated with the Grade 1 Science textbook, it provides interactive lessons, exercises, and captivating visuals that actively engage students in scientific exploration. Through augmented reality, children can delve into the wonders of the natural world with animated four-dimensional images, while the concept map feature enables them to connect and summarize scientific concepts in a dynamic and enjoyable manner. By combining these comprehensive features, our application empowers children to develop a solid foundation in science, nurturing a lifelong passion for learning and exploration.

By bringing the textbook to life through animated visuals and audio narration, our Grade 1 Science Application enhances children’s reading and listening skills while captivating their imagination …

Engaging exercises challenge their comprehension and provide immediate feedback, fostering deeper understanding and knowledge. With an emphasis on interactive and engaging learning experiences, our application inspires young learners to embrace the wonders of science, cultivate curiosity, and develop a lifelong love for exploration and discovery.

Shaping a brighter future

With our Grade 1 Science Application, 360ed empowers young learners in Myanmar to embark on a captivating scientific journey that transcends the limitations of traditional classroom resources …

Join us as we revolutionize education and shape a brighter future for primary students across the nation.